THE TO DO LIST: How to Transform Your Dream (Guinness Book of World Records Anyone?) Into an Actionable Journey Complete With a Map

Sunday, April 29 | 8:30AM – 9:30AM

WINiT Founder, Mick, will sit down with Cassie, who somehow manages a TO DO List that surpasses what most people would have as a single item on a bucket list.

SPEAKER: Cassie DePeCol – Founder & President of Her International, 2x Guinness World Record Holder, and First Woman on Record to Travel to 196 Countries.

Cassie is a self-motivated individual who has leveraged her networking skills to both raise money and gain national and international attention to make it all happen.

  • She traveled to 196 countries alone
  • Just got approved to go into space
  • Is doing an Ironman and half marathon by midyear
  • Writing a memoir
  • Launching a documentary
  • Runs two businesses

Learn Cassie’s scariest moments, biggest surprises, and how to not lose sight of the end goal during what may feel like unsurmountable moments.  And ask her questions that are on your mind.