Break the Box and Leverage Your Transferable Skills

Sunday, April 29 | 9:45AM – 10:30AM

Every one of us – regardless of whether we have just begun our career, or we are close to retirement, and regardless of what industry we work in – has transferable skills.  How we respond to Life Events makes all the difference.

  • Can an event that appears to be at odds with your career actually help you progress professionally?
  • Could becoming a parent, an empty nester, caring for an elderly or sick family member, going through a divorce, getting fired, changing industries, or choosing to seek a position outside your area of expertise forge you into a more potent version of your former self?
  • Could these experiences actually be the catalyst you need to realize your potential?

It is up to you to control how you present yourself to the world, as none of us is one-dimensional.

WINiT WORK: Learn the specific steps you can take to use your talents and leverage your transferable skills and the resources, habits, or practices to help you emerge from the experience. Download the Worksheet (pdf)

Amy Henderson, Tend Lab
Claudia Marmolejo, Executive Director, COO, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Sharon Pierce, Managing Director, United Airlines
Julie Stewart, Managing Director, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, United Airlines